“I hope I can express in words how grateful I am to Kristin, Graham and the entire Brighten Academy family. From day one my son has enjoyed his time at his school. I did have my son in "daycare" with a loving family, but when he turned 1.5 years old he needed more structure and mental stimulation. Brighten Academy has provided my son with caring teachers, new friends, a safe learning environment where he has excelled in so many ways. He looks forward to school and comes home a happy boy. As an educator myself, I'm impressed with the academic work he has learned and completed. I feel confident that Brighten Academy has already prepared my son for kindergarten and above. I almost worry what is left for him to learn in kindergarten. I am thankful for the level of care and detail that is taken to plan out his day. I consider this site a "prep school" for my son's future. His personal milestones and academic achievement have been exceeded thanks to the support of Brighten Academy.”

- Duvi Matsumura


“My daughter Madison Barney attended Brighten Academy for two years. She is now enrolled in kindergarten. Sending her to Brighten Academy was the best decision I ever made for her future. I don't see any other private preschool that comes close to what Brighten offers in the Clovis area. Brighten Academy is no daycare at all; this is a top-notch preschool that prepared my daughter for her next academic adventure. To hear her Kindergarten teacher say, "Madison is well prepared, even over prepared for Kindergarten", was wonderful and no surprise at all. I have recommended many people to Brighten Academy and often hear "Thanks" from the ones whose children got in and are impressed. If I had another child, I wouldn't hesitate sending them to Brighten Academy no matter the tuition. Kristin and Graham are amazing people, as are all the staff who work there. I strongly encourage you to assist them in helping all the parents that are willing to invest their money for their kid's future.”

- Vanessa Salazar


“Brighten Academy far outweighed our expectations in a preschool for our girls. They are not just a daycare but really prepared our girls for kindergarten. Our oldest daughter just started kindergarten this year and she already knows almost everything they are going to teach her. School will be a breeze. I'm sure the same will be true for our younger daughter when she starts kindergarten next year. I also love the friendly staff, small classes, and well-organized facility. It won't even be a question in our mind where our son will go when he's ready to start preschool as well. We love Brighten Academy!"

- Chana & Brian Putnam


"Brighten academy is by far the best decision we have made with regard to childcare for our son. He started when he was just eight months old and is now a very intelligent two year old! What we love most is that Brighten is that it is safe and secure. We never worry about our son’s safety or that of anyone else because the staff takes special care of their facility, it is always clean and the environment safe and inviting. Brighten is not just a daycare center, they have become an extension of our family. They educate the youngest minds with activities and curriculum that really educate these small children. It's because of Brighten that our two year old has the vocabulary of a five year old! I couldn't imagine taking my son anywhere else because I really don't think I'd find any other facility that would even come close to the quality of care we get at Brighten. I'd love to see Brighten Academy Preschool grow!!! I think it would tremendously benefit our community! Sincerely, The parents of Tyson.”

- Kelly & Robert Taylor


“Any Parent you speak to will tell you there is much stress involved in finding a preschool for your child. You are not only looking for a school that will provide enrichment and learning, but most importantly a school and staff that gives you piece of mind that your child is being cared for in a nurturing and safe environment. Brighten Academy surpasses this expectation in so many ways. Every classroom environment engages children in learning in an active and exciting manner, the kids are enthusiastic and positive about learning. Brighten treats children as whole people, and teaches them to value and respect each other. I have two boys both of which are complete opposites from each other in everything from their personalities to the way they learn. This is where I believe Brighten excels over other schools. The teachers are amazing! They are able to identify how to not only teach a child but how to connect with that child. The teachers at Brighten engage the children by their interests, and make learning so much fun the kids just soak it up! When you enroll at Brighten you don't become part of a school, you become part of the Brighten Family.”

- Kim Myers


“Brighten Academy Preschool is THE ABSOLUTE BEST school in Fresno County! We are so pleased with the staff and their knowledge of educating children. Our daughter has gained so much in the 13 months she has been attending. We recently moved and have many other options of more conveniently located day care/preschools that she could attend. We would not think of ever moving her from this amazing program! In fact, her sister will be also attending next year. We have referred many other families to BAP and they have been just as pleased!”

- Jay & Amanda Schengel


“It is difficult to put in words what makes Brighten so special. I will try. The staff at Brighten are not just people who enjoy working with children, they are skilled educators who are also very nurturing. The owners also understand what an important role they have in preparing our children for kindergarten. Truly there is nothing in Fresno that compares to the services they provide.”

- Autumn Goodrich


“My daughter attended Brighten Academy the first year they were open and from the way they operated the facility you would have thought they had been in business for 10+ years. They really set themselves apart by making each and every child feel special, important and loved. Educating the students is a top priority for Kristin and her staff. After my daughter completed the Preschool program there, she entered Kindergarten with confidence and ease. We still keep in touch with the teachers because they were such a big influence in my daughter's growth and have become our friends. I would recommend Brighten to anyone who is searching for a daycare or preschool program.”

- Jane Tyner


“Unlike any place we interviewed, when we began looking into preschools for our son, Brighten Academy stood out as an exceptional choice. Beyond a safe place to send our son, and now daughter, we've found an environment that promotes education and life preparedness. With one graduate from Brighten now in kindergarten, we can honestly say that the pre-kindergarten education he received has prepared him for the curriculum, schedule, and daily cadence he experiences in Clovis Unified. The credentialed teachers and the teaching style is far superior to anything else we found in town, and the nurturing environment adds to the love we have for Brighten Academy!”

- Jessica Blanchfield


“I chose Brighten Academy for a few key reasons: 1 - Kristin's passions for early childhood education. Each child learns at their level and treated as individuals. It was the personal attention to each family that made a big difference from the other schools I visited. She is open and honest and only wants the best for her preschool families. 2 - Attention to important details such as clean air, healthy menu, and video viewing, and security. 3 - Only accepts excellence from their staff. Staff is extremely friendly and I always felt like my child was in good, highly qualified hands at any part of her day. I continue to refer friends because I believe that they are the best at what they do."

- Adriana Ware (Cienna's Mom)


“I am so happy to hear about the expansion and how well your business is doing. Just a comment on why we chose your school two years ago with Madelyn. We looked around and had our older daughter in another daycare/preschool setting... so when it came time for Madelyn to enter her last year of preschool we felt that your program was definitely more desirable due to the fact that you had hired a credentialed teacher for her classroom. We felt that the fact that you had a credentialed teacher she would be better prepared for Kindergarten... and turns out she was! She is now reading above grade level in first grade! Your teachers were all very professional and we felt welcomed from the very first day! We can tell you are putting family/child first when it comes to your clients :) Thanks!”

- Julie & John Reynolds


“My family chose Brighten Academy after a site visit prior to the opening of the facility. We met with Director Kristin Peterson and teacher Jamie Buckner and immediately it was obvious that they loved and cared deeply for the children they would be entrusted to teach. The facility and staff were so different from the preschool we had come from. These were teachers, no daycare workers. They wanted my daughter, Taylor to learn and become a responsible young lady. They were always available to conference regarding my child's education and she was completely prepared for Kindergarten when she graduated last spring. I have referred many other parents to this preschool over the years and I continue to do so now, even after my daughter has begun her elementary school journey. Brighten Academy is and will always be my first choice in quality, caring pre-school education.”

- Jamie Martin


“Brighten Academy is such a wonderful place. Everyone is warm, caring, and excited about learning. As we looked for a daycare to place our child, we not only found a great daycare, we found a wonderful facility that promotes learning. We feel fortunate that we can give our child the opportunity to establish a strong academic foundation before he goes into kindergarten. As I see my child flourishing academically, I am so thankful we chose Brighten Academy!”

- Erin Kruse


“I want you to understand that the staff at Brighten Academy is AMAZING. From Kristin and Graham, teachers, teachers aids, and kitchen crew. They know what they are doing! They were very nice to us and treated our daughter and everyone of her classmates like their own child. They are not a daycare, they truly provide a classroom environment and teaching style that resembles my daughters kindergarten class now. My daughter was prepared, and is doing extremely well, and she couldn't have done it without Brighten Academy. I cried when she had to leave, and every time we drive by my daughter waves to all her number 1 teachers she says. We now have twins and don't have a doubt in our mind where we want them to be when they turn 3, we have encouraged friends as well and cannot praise them enough!”

- Theresa Angulo


“Brighten Academy provided our daughter with a loving place to learn and develop. One of the things that set Brighten apart besides the family feel, was that they had a credentialed teacher teaching the pre-kindergarten class, that had previously taught kindergarten. I am in education and was so pleased at the level of preparedness that my daughter demonstrated entering into kindergarten this year.”

- Corrine Folmer


“Brighten Academy Preschool is in a class of its own. With sincere, dedicated owners and a loving staff, this preschool has fostered a love of learning in our daughter that will last a lifetime. We truly feel like members of a very large family by attending this school.”

- Beth Norman


“We want to express our great appreciation for running such a GREAT Kinder-Prep school!! Ethan learned so much in his almost 2 years at Brighten Academy. We could not ask or TRUST another great group of people to take care of our little guy. George and I both were very hesitant to have anyone except family members to take care of our only son, but everyone’s welcoming and warm smiling faces, fun atmosphere, and friendly teachers made us feel so comfortable. Thank you also for respecting and taking into consideration special circumstances regarding our beliefs. This was a blessing. Every time we drive by your special place Ethan remembers his "little school". He says he misses it very much. This proves to us that he enjoyed and loved everyone there. Brighten Academy is a special place with special people. Thank you so much for such a great experience we will never forget. We hope to come by to say hi and visit soon!”

- George and Diana Martinez


“Words cannot express what Brighten Academy Preschool is!!!! They are the best. We love them... My daughter started the 1st week that they opened. She learned so much - how to write her name, her letter sounds, and so much more. They are very special people to us... We love them!"

- Julie Scott