The Birth of “Brighten Academy”
My name is Kristin Peterson. I am the Owner/Director of Brighten Academy. The concept for “A Kinder-Prep Preschool” came from my experiences as a public school teacher. Year after year, it seemed that my 1st graders who came to me experiencing struggles academically were children who lacked confidence in their abilities. They didn’t attempt, as often as other students, to question, explore, or take risks in learning. I read, researched, and discovered that during a child’s first 5 years of life, they are building their self-esteem as well as problem-solving skills. From birth, they are experiencing the world and are developing senses of security. When a child feels secure, they will take more chances, explore more freely, and this is when learning takes place! The experiences children have in the first 5 years of life set the foundation for their success, motivation, and self-esteem that they will carry through with them in their academic careers as well as their entire life. I decided that my dream was to be a part of that! Thanks to a very caring and patient husband, Brighten Academy is the result of that dream.